Rob Talbott and Tad Flaugh have been connecting homes and businesses to power company providers of electricity for a cumulative twenty-five years in Northeast Indiana and the Tri-State area. Located in Kendallville, Indiana, serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, they felt there was a better and cleaner way to meet the electricity needs of their friends and customers. Thus was born Solar Wind Energy Corporation.


As a Master Electrician, Rob experiences ever changing electrical power needs of his customers. He and Tad have worked to develop relationships with manufacturers of wind turbines and solar panels sized for the average home, farm, or business. Installations of  these renewable energy products not only provide for the customer, but return the excess unused electricity to the electric utility resulting in zero electric bills and future credits.


Imagine your electric meter running backwards?




Solar Wind Energy Corporation

8870 E. 1000N

Kendallville, IN  46755   USA


Phone: (260)349-8382

FAX (260)347-8383






Solar  Wind  Energy  Corporation

    Beyond  Green  Alternative  Energy  Providers

   And be pollution free.

         Think Beyond Green

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