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Unfortunately not every home, business, or farm will benefit from energy from the sun and wind. Rob and Tad are available to help determine if your location is right. A south facing location without obstructions is ideal for solar panels.  A slope roof that will shed snow in winter is ideal. For wind energy the prevailing wind directions and wind speed must be considered. Obstructions and foliage can reduce wind power. Of course building codes must be complied with as will as allowed height of towers.  History of energy use should be considered to determine payback. Other forms of alternate energy might be considered, such as geothermal or water.

Electric utilities are required by law to credit you with energy you generate in excess of that used. Our installation puts you on the grid as a generating station which can provide your meter runs backward when more electricity is generated than used. The amount of credit varies by utility.  Once installed your equipment requires very little maintenance or upkeep, therefore initial costs are your main consideration. The U. S. Congress recently extended tax credits for alternate energy including both solar and wind.  The  President has announced new initiatives for alternate energy production. Many States including Indiana also provide tax credits, and  grants are available.  Many banks specialize in financing alternate energy installations.  Most states  limit property tax assessments on alternate energy equipment and generators.




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